June 15, 2024

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell announced his departure today…

Since general manager Brad Holmes and head coach Dan Campbell joined the team,

the Detroit Lions have been gradually strengthening their defense, but one source indicates it might be time for a significant acquisition.

Bleacher Report speculated that in addition to developing standout Aidan Hutchinson, the Lions would try to acquire Los Angeles Chargers edge rusher Joey Bosa. According to the article, a more potent pass rush may ease the burden on Detroit’s beleaguered secondary and increase the Lions’ chances of winning the Super Bowl.

According to the trade proposal from Bleacher Report, Bosa would join the Lions for a second-round pick (number 61 overall). Although it’s uncertain if the Chargers will trade Bosa for a pick that low, several sources have hinted that he might be moving this summer. The Chargers have a lot of salary cap space to clear, and they may think about moving Bosa to make additional room, according to SI.com’s James Brizuela.

If the Lions wish to challenge Bosa, they may face some opposition. Insider Daniel Popper of 95.7 The Chargers The San Francisco 49ers may also be involved because Bosa wants to play alongside his brother, Niners edge rusher Nick Bosa, according to The Game.

Finally, Popper stated, “Joey Bosa has always wanted to play with his brother and has been rather public about it. “Bosa’s base pay is $15 million this year and $17 million the following year. Although I’m not very knowledgeable about the Niners’ cap issue, you would be handling it for the next 24 and 25 games. We’ll see, then. I believe the Chargers ought to give it a hearing. And if they’re paying attention, I believe Joey Bosa would fit in a lot of spots.

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