June 19, 2024

The Brisbane broncos Super star has been suspended after facing…

Billy Walters, a hooker for the Brisbane Broncos, has disclosed the reasons for his teammates’ uncomfortable journey from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, which they had to endure together with the Roosters.

In a contentious game that saw Ezra Mam file a racist complaint against Spencer Leniu, the Roosters defeated the Broncos 20–10.

After that, the two groups had to take a brief flight together. Walters said it was “a little bit” awkward, but nothing particularly noteworthy happened as a result.

“I believe that everything began to cool down a little bit, and everyone was eager to get home and stop the drama,” he said to Triple M.

“Everyone was just keen to get on the flight and back to Australia.”

Following that, the teams parted ways, with the Roosters taking a flight to Sydney and the Broncos returning to Brisbane from Los Angeles.

Due to an alleged “monkey” remark that Leniu made against Mam, she was immediately forwarded to the judiciary.

Following the game, Patrick Carrigan and Mam were reportedly there for the verbal altercation between the Roosters prop and Kotoni Staggs at a hotel.

In the following, Billy Walters said that Mam was “doing well”.

“He’s got a lot of support through the boys and all the club at the Broncos, so I think that’s definitely lifted his spirits a bit knowing that he’s not alone and that we don’t stand for that,” he said.

“We’ve got his back no matter what happens, we’ll just move forward from there.”

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