July 15, 2024

Another Wide receiver Davante Adams We Be Relocating Raider Nations

Preparing for the event, the coaching staff and front office of the Las Vegas Raiders are present at the NFL Combine. Tom Telesco and Antonio Pierce will undoubtedly examine the quarterback position, but they have to return home to deal with contract issues.

Following Telesco’s announcement that they would not use the franchise tag at the combine, Josh Jacobs is set to become a free agent. If the Raiders are unable to reach a deal before the start of free agency, Jacobs will be available for purchase on the open market.

We inquire about Raider Nation’s plans to bring back Jacobs with a new deal in this week’s SB Nation Reacts. 71% of Raiders supporters think Jacobs will still be in the lineup in 2024.

It will be fascinating to see what they provide, especially since Telesco stated that he wanted an RB position to be handled by a committee. The first time we see Jacobs in a different uniform might be if the Raiders are unable to give him the pay he wants.

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