June 24, 2024

Bob Melvin declared his retirement.

Bob Melvin, the San Francisco Giants’ manager, declared his resignation because of…

It has been reported in national headlines and on local and national networks that Bob Melvin, the manager of the San Francisco Giants, is making his players stand for the national anthem prior to games.

Melvin disputes that, saying he has only urged his players to stand on the field as the national anthem begins as a way to unite the squad and signal that they are prepared to play.

Early in spring training, Melvin spoke to the team about a wide range of subjects, including the anthem. The Athletic and USA Today both reported that he wanted players to stand during the anthem. Numerous media sites carried the tales, which sparked political discussion from coast to coast, including on Fox News.

When The Chronicle asked Melvin to explain his position on Tuesday morning, he responded, “You don’t have to stand.” To be honest, I’m not requesting that everyone do it. It’s the majority since players frequently receive therapy or stretch just prior to a game. All I want to do is let the opposing team know that we’re prepared to play. That concludes it.

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