June 25, 2024

Brock Purdy wants to leave the team.

Why does Brock Purdy want to join the Buffalo Bills instead of the San Francisco 49ers?

The offensive linemen and wide receivers were the position groups that most aided the NFL draft class of 2024 in their evaluation and testing. A record-breaking nine offensive linemen are predicted for the first round.

The Niners’ issue with selection number thirty-one is that they would select ninth or possibly tenth. That explains the report from Tim Kawakami of The Athletic that the 49ers want to select a lineman who can start on Day 1 by moving up in the draft.

1. Is Amarius Mims now out of reach following the Combine?

Amarius Mims, an offensive tackle from Georgia who weighed 340 pounds and had enormous mitts measuring 11 ¼ and 36 1/8th arms, was my draft crush. Next, he conducted a

5.07 40 and 1.78 10. There are aliens, oddities, and now Thanos in The Combine’s upper echelons.

Unfortunately for the 49ers, Thanos will inevitably advance. It always happens that huge, that fast. The top 12–15 are predicted by certain analysts. The Niners probably can’t make a trade that goes that far. Furthermore, because Mims’s numbers are so uncommon, teams will be less likely to trade for him and will instead prefer to keep him for themselves.

Then came the killer blow: this class is so talented they’ll be selling water in the desert. The league has been suffering from a lack at tackle for a very long time. We’ll start the tackles early.

2. What happens next?

We can hope that Mims drops to 20 for the Niners.

owing to the requirements of the team’s situation, but will probably have to look elsewhere. With tools, J.C. Latham of Alabama is a high floor/limited potential prospect with a measurement of 6-6/342. Troy Fautanu of Washington demonstrated his explosiveness during the exam and established he is a tackle based on his 34.5-inch arms. Tyler Guyton of Oklahoma moved well in drills, had a third-place vertical in the class, and ran a sluggish 40 but a strong ten.

At the Combine, the Niners faced Oregon State first-round picks Mims, Latham, Guyton, and Taliese Fuaga. They should meet with Fautanu as well, in my opinion.

Starting tackle is the purported trade-up objective. That’s Fuaga, Latham, Mims, and possibly Fautanu, but not Guyton, who doesn’t have the strength to start in the NFL. Furthermore, it’s not Jordan.

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