June 18, 2024

After this year’s combine concludes, a number of NFL teams will undoubtedly be reevaluating their draft selections. Among those teams may be the Pittsburgh Steelers.

There were several athletes with an opportunity to win over Pittsburgh’s executive staff with a strong showing because the Steelers have a lot of options for their first-round choice in the 2024 draft.

It appears that one player’s strong showing may have been sufficient to raise his draft stock.

On March 4, Lance Zierlein of NFL.com published his most recent mock draft in which Pittsburgh was selected by one of the standouts from the combine.

According to Zierlein’s prediction, the Steelers will select 20th overall in the draft to

With their first-round pick in the 2024 draft, the Steelers have a lot of options, so there were a lot of players who could have gained favor with Pittsburgh’s front office with a strong showing. However, it appears that one player’s strong showing could have been sufficient to boost his draft stock. On March 4, NFL.com’s Lance Zierlein released his most recent mock draft, in which he had Pittsburgh selecting one of the standouts from the combine, Clemson cornerback Nate Wiggins.

Wiggins’ performance at the NFL Combine
For Wiggins, the NFL Combine was a bit of a mixed bag.

His measurements did have some advantages. Wiggins has decent length for an NFL cornerback, standing slightly taller than 6’1′′ and with a wingspan of little more than 74 inches.

Regretfully, he was 173 pounds too heavy. That would make Wiggins the tiniest corner in the NFL, according to The 33rd Team. Because of his diminutive size, there will be questions about both his risk for injury and his ability to get physical with receivers at the line of scrimmage.

When Wiggins finally had the chance to showcase his athleticism, he did not let everyone down.

In 4.28 seconds, the All-ACC corner completed the 40-yard dash. That was the quickest.

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