July 15, 2024

Frank Vogel declared his retirement.

After the Suns’ loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder, head coach Frank Vogel of the Phoenix Suns announced his resignation.

the head coach of the Phoenix Suns, criticized the calling right away during the post-game news conference on Sunday because he didn’t see enough fouls against forward Kevin Durant.

The Suns were defeated by the Oklahoma City Thunder 118-110. Normally a reliable scorer, Durant struggled from the field, making only 6 of 15 shots. Durant also attempted and completed six free shots during the contest.

Vogel believed that he should have been to the line more often even if his free throw totals are about average for the season.

Vogel said, “Yeah, but we gotta be better,” to a question from a reporter. “Let me start by stating that they fouled Kevin Durant all night long. Whether he is in the script, three or four, and if he has the ball I definitely want the league to look into this because he has been held four or five times and each time he attempts to get open, he gets held.

Vogel is the most recent in a long line of athletes and coaches to criticize referees in public this season. Following an outrageous no-call that lost his team the game, Pistons coach Monty Williams recently vented to the officials. Raptors coach Darko Rajakovic and Timberwolves guard Anthony Edwards have also been known to go on ferocious tirades.

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