June 19, 2024

Patrick Mahomes divorced his wife

Brittany Matthews Mahomes was the reason Patrick Mahomes divorced her.

Any football stadium may be transformed into a runway by Brittany Mahomes, especially when she’s wearing the Kansas City Chiefs’ team colors in a chic manner. She’s wearing her sexiest red outfit yet as she takes her Chiefs pride to the beach.

The 28-year-old Texas native, who is married to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, made her debut as a 2024 Rookie in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on Thursday. In May, the magazine will release its 60th anniversary edition, which will highlight her.

The chief editor of SI Swim, MJ Day, said that Brittany was chosen because she is the “epitome of a modern-day powerhouse.” “Brittany’s journey has surpassed all expectations, inspiring others with her tenacity and unyielding determination,” Day continues in a statement.


Although the spread hasn’t been released formally yet, fans can anticipate

turns three on February 20. His son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, who has been with Patrick for 14 months, is showcasing a line of flamboyant swimwear.

Brittany wears every swimsuit under the sun in a behind-the-scenes film of the picture shoot, which was shot in San Pedro Ambergris Caye, Belize, by photographer Derek Kettela. From a frilly two-piece to a tiny bikini capped with a knitted cowboy hat, which pays homage to her heritage.


Even when she’s dressed in ruby one-pieces, such as a Mugler cutaway suit, she seems like she’s having her own Baywatch moment.

In addition to showcasing Brittany’s abs, the swimsuits also highlight her ribcage tatto…

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