Actually, if there was ever a job created for college football commissioner, some coaches have said that Saban would be the ideal candidate.

“I’m not really looking for a job, but I do know I’d like to impact college football the best way I can, whether it’s being a spokesperson or anything else,” Saban stated. “Hey, I speak for the players. Not that I don’t support the players. It is my desire for the athletes to lead fulfilling lives and to be able to add value to themselves. However, instead of discussing education or building wealth for the future, we now solely discuss how much money we can make while we’re in college.

“I believe the result of this “I think the consequence of this could come down the road when some of these guys get 28 and 29 years old that maybe they didn’t prepare themselves for when they can’t play football anymore, which is what you should do when you go to college.”

More than anything, Saban stated, he hopes to have a reasonable conversation about how to assist college football in taking a step toward answers before the existing paradigm collapses entirely and that the situation doesn’t reach to the point where universities are forced to discontinue other sports.