June 24, 2024

During Thursday’s spring training game for the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge took a breather from the action and decided to dabble in a bit of photography.

A clip surfaced showing the five-time All-Star wielding a camera in the dugout, sparking curiosity among fans about Judge’s photography skills.

In what seemed like a playful move, the Yankees shared a notably blurry image of three umpires on the field, leaving fans chuckling. Whether this was Judge’s handiwork or just a lighthearted jab remains unclear, as the team didn’t provide any clarification.

But hey, if that snapshot wasn’t Judge’s masterpiece, perhaps we’ll get a peek at his real captures down the line.

It’s not uncommon for MLB players to venture into photography. Hall of Famers Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr. have both turned their lenses to professional sporting events in recent years.

As for Judge, he’s been a cornerstone of the Yankees since they picked him in the 2013 MLB Draft. Since his major league debut in 2016, he’s racked up accolades, including the AL Rookie of the Year. Named team captain a few seasons back, Judge has epitomized leadership on and off the field.

Last season, Judge’s stellar performance early on gave the Yankees a promising start. However, his stint on the IL due to injury exposed the team’s reliance on him, and they struggled to regain momentum. With new additions like Juan Soto and Marcus Stroman, Judge hopes the team will have a more balanced lineup this year, easing the pressure on him.

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