June 17, 2024

BRAKING NEWS: Alabama Coaches Nick Saban and his assistant speak to the media about the…..

Nevertheless, the people in charge of college football (NCAA, CFP? ESPN?) will undoubtedly make many more point.

Every year, the college football season and schedule surprise us with new twists. Teams may join and leave conferences at any time, as may coaches and players. Perhaps in the future, everything will become more ordered and follow a calendar, but this year is not that year.

So, you know. For a few years now, I’ve been advocating that, for students who wish to end their recruitment process and put it behind them, there ought to be a “early signing period” prior to their senior year. There are undoubtedly advantages to that, but I’m not sure why it matters much considering that students can now be freed from their NLIs and/or be considered “short-term transfers.” Can we truly count on that player to be on the roster until they suit up on game day next year?

Despite my complaints, I would still prefer to have two signing periods instead of one in December and one in July or August and February.

To keep the number of scholarships at the same level as before, I believe that the early enrollee frenzy needs to be curtailed, or at the at least, strictly enforced. Players who enroll early would be accommodated by the summer signing period.

This would eliminate the absurd deadline through December, giving us a more sequential offseason with a transfer portal window, and, in my opinion, revive some fan excitement for the game. I believe that because December is packed with so many events, both journalists and fans become overstimulated and unable to properly become enthusiastic about any one particular event.

Despite all of the criticism leveled at the NFL, they are experts at leveraging the offseason to increase fan interaction. What would happen, for example, if the Draft and Free Agency were held simultaneously the week before the Super Bowl? In essence, that is what college football has done, and it is detrimental to everyone.

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