June 15, 2024

Potential return on Tee Higgins transaction for the Bengals is revealed in a report.

Tee Higgins was placed on the Cincinnati Bengals’ franchise tag on Monday, although this does not guarantee that the wide receiver will play for the team during the summer.

Higgins want a long-term deal, and as of right now, the Bengals have until July 17th to get him signed. In the event that the parties are unable to reach a consensus, Cincinnati might trade Higgins. Offers for the standout wide receiver could also be alluring.

Executives in the NFL believe the Bengals might acquire an early second-round pick or a first-round pick in exchange for Higgins, according to Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team.

That would be a substantial return, particularly if the Bengals think they won’t be able to come to a deal to retain Higgins on the team into 2024. Prior to this year’s draft, Cincinnati would almost definitely at least consider an offer from a team that would have a first-round pick available.

Due to a variety of injuries, Higgins missed five games in 2023, but he was still effective when he was ready to play. In 12 games played the previous season, the 25-year-old finished with 42 receptions for 656 yards and 5 touchdowns. He might be considered the clear top choice by teams that need a wide receiver.

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