June 19, 2024

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February 25, UPI According to authorities, a judge in Montgomery, Alabama, is in serious condition on Sunday following a gunshot wound that he allegedly received from his own son during a domestic dispute.

Following an altercation, Johnny Hardwick, the presiding judge for Alabama’s 15th Circuit Court in Montgomery, is believed to have been shot and assaulted on Saturday by his 36-year-old son, Khalfani Hardwick, according to a statement released by Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham to media sources.

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The judge had been “assaulted, shot, and seriously injured by his son,” deputies responding to a domestic disturbance complaint at his home found, according to the sheriff.

Cunningham continued, “Khalfani Hardwick left the scene and abandoned his car, but he was apprehended shortly after along a highway.”

By Sunday morning, Khalfani Hardwick was charged with first-degree assault, domestic abuse, and unlawfully possessing a handgun. Her name was listed on the Montgomery County jail’s inmate roster. The quoted price of the bond is $15,000.

2014 saw Khalfani Hardwick shoot family friend Clayton Riley in the head and enter a guilty plea to second-degree assault. He did not serve any jail time.

In a statement following Johnny Hardwick’s shooting, Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed expressed his shock and said the judge “has honorably served our community on the Circuit Court for decades, helping spearhead numerous reforms to make the court system more equitable and fair.”

As one of the founders of 100 Black Men of Greater Montgomery, Hardwick specifically “worked to eliminate bond requirements for more non-violent offenses,” according to Reed. Hardwick also served the community as an advocate for youngsters.

The mayor remarked, “We are praying for his recovery.”

Johnny Hardwick was appointed to the circuit court in 2001 and has held positions in the federal, state, and Montgomery municipal administrations.

He was elected president of the Alabama Association of Circuit Court Judges in August of last year.

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