June 15, 2024

Heading into free agency, Michael Pittman Jr. of the Colts received some positive news.

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At the end of the season, when Michael Pittman Jr.’s rookie contract expired, the Indianapolis Colts ought to have made plans to bring him back on a new deal. As the team’s top receiving threat, he demonstrated his worth by stepping up. Despite missing the game against the Falcons, he still recorded a career-high number of yards. I think they still have a chance to sign him to a long-term contract, but the cost might have increased slightly in light of the two incidents that happened in other parts of the NFL.The 30.6 million ceiling increased. That represents a 13.6% rise over the previous year. Teams can now play with more money as a result. Teams that may not have had much opportunity to experiment in the free agent market are suddenly involved. That might attract Pittman further suitors after he expressed interest in seeing what was available in the offseason. It also implies that Pittman will receive a higher salary should the Colts choose to franchise tag him.

A significant cap rise has also been implemented, and one of the major free agents has already been waived. As he completed the elite trio of receivers with Mike Evans and Tee Higgins, Pittman was among the best on the free agent list heading into the summer. The Bengals have franchise-tagged Higgins, so for the time being at least, he is not going anywhere. That removed Pittman’s prospective top name from the post and demonstrated to him what he would make at the same price ($21.8 million). The Colts will need to use every tactic at their disposal to retain him on the roster going forward.

The Colts should ideally sign Michael Pittman Jr. to a long-term deal that will keep him committed for the majority of.. He has demonstrated his worth as the team’s top receiver over the past few years. Because of the increase, the Colts now have even more cap space to work with; but, the franchising of Higgins has limited their alternatives. Pittman is going to be paid, and paid well, no matter what.

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