June 15, 2024


With Villa, Spurs, and Manchester United now separated by just five points, it appears like the race for fourth place will go down to the very last minute.

As long as Unai Emery’s team is still in the Europa Conference League, the Lilywhites and Red Devils may focus just on one game each week.

Spurs supporters will be concerned about Tottenham’s lackluster play over the past month, as their 2-1 loss to Wolves last week raised some red flags. O’Hara still predicted his previous team to barely finish in fourth place despite that outcome.

“Fourth and fifth are all to play for,” the analyst stated to Grosvenor Sport. Man United has returned to the hunt as well. Aston Villa, Tottenham, and Manchester United are in competition. Even though my boys were terrible the other night (against the Wolves), I had to support them.

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Spurs will so be ranked fourth by me. Although I’m not really sure, I’m going to rank them fourth since I believe Ange will succeed. I’m going to pick Villa for fifth and Manchester United for sixth.


With 13 games remaining, there is still plenty of opportunity for twists and turns, and the race is now too close to call. Although Manchester United is now leading the way, Tottenham has the biggest ceiling of the three teams based on what we have seen so far this season.

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