June 18, 2024


Kate was scrolling through Facebook when she saw a news story about an Alabama court ruling on embryos. The 39-year-old Tennessean had been going to her fertility clinic across the border in Alabama for months, and she was exhausted. She and her husband had gone through several rounds of intrauterine insemination and in vitro fertilization, only for her first pregnancy to be nonviable

It was difficult for her to read the article. The past few months had been filled with surgical procedures, monthly hormone injections, and medical visits. The couple had already spent $14,000 in the last month alone on fertility therapy, maxing out credit cards and taking out loans to pay for it.

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Panic was how I felt at first, Kate told HuffPost. She wondered if the clinic would close. How would she pay for her embryos to be stored? She began putting up a plan to relocate to a clinic in a distant state, promising herself that she would resign her work if necessary.

Kate is among the many Alabaman women who are extremely concerned about the ruling’s potential effects on their ability to become parents. People are currently being prevented from doing that by the state.

Last week, a broad state Supreme Court ruling was issued that gives embryos the same legal standing as children, thus endangering the legal rights of medical professionals and patients who use it

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a medical process in which a patient’s eggs are removed, ovulation is induced, and sperm fertilization takes place outside the body. The resultant embryos can then be preserved for later use, or they can be inserted into the uterus of the patient in the hopes of becoming pregnant. Typically, some embryos are discarded throughout the procedure, which is against Alabama’s Wrongful Death of a Minor Act, a civil statute that was passed in 1872 and permits parents to file a lawsuit when a kid dies.

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