June 22, 2024


Just some discomfort, and we’ve been bugging our players to get in touch with us about the situation. Vitello stated after the game, “It could be anything.” There was considerable discomfort in a certain area of his body. I’m not sure if (his) arm was involved. I’ll kind of let those folks handle things. It could be my own method. We have enough information to remove him from the game and pass the ball to Chris Stamos there, but I don’t want to stress until we get the complete picture.

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The ache was described as “side soreness” by Rocky Top Insider, but I couldn’t find anything in Vitello’s comments to support that claim. That doesn’t negate the fact that it’s accurate, though, as Ryan at RTI is undoubtedly more knowledgeable than I am. My point was simply that Tennessee’s manager hasn’t yet disclosed the precise severity of the injury.

He didn’t have the same level of command at first, according to Vitello. “Things went well, but he kind of started rolling there for a minute and his command wasn’t as good.” Then, to kind of quote him to the training staff, he got to the point where he wasn’t really feeling like the ball was coming out and was kind of reaching back and giving it everything he had.

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In its story, RTI stated that Russell finished the day with three hits, one walk, and no runs while striking out four batters in three innings pitched. Russell only threw 54 pitches (36 strikes) against the Great Danes, down from 73 pitches (53 strikes) against Texas Tech the previous week.

Russell’s off-speed command was good, perhaps even better than last, according to Vitello.

“Didn’t get off to a great start, but he really settled into a nice rhythm there, kept his cool, and made some nice pitches,” Vitello said. Off-speed was possibly just as good as it was the previous weekend. Only the command to fastball wasn’t. The entire thing was eventually cut short.

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