June 24, 2024


Upon hearing of his resignation from the University of Alabama football radio broadcasts, the famed broadcast veteran discussed the issue with AL.com.

For 35 years, Gold, now 70, served as the Crimson Tide’s spokesperson. After missing all of 2022 due to cancer treatment, he resumed announcing home games and the Iron Bowl last season.

The university has decided not to invite me back,” Gold remarked. “This is in no way related to health, I repeat, not at all. I have excellent health. Everything is fantastic. I have the health of a horse.

This week, Gold—who also serves as presenter of Nick Saban’s weekly radio program, “Hey Coach!”—said he will be revealing his next step, which he hopes will involve a lot of roles.

No, I’m not retiring,” declared Gold. As they say, the university has decided to take a different course. And they have every right to do so.

The Brooklyn native started working at Alabama in 1988, and while he considers offers for the next stage of his career, he intends to stay in the Birmingham area.

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June is when his contract expires.

The institution declared on Wednesday that Chris Stewart, who has been a part of the network since 1998 and is the voice of the Alabama men’s basketball team, will assume both of Gold’s responsibilities going forward.

Gold stated, “They’re just going to make a clean break. They originally told me that I was going to do A-Day, but they have since changed their minds.” However, they will uphold their end of the June pact.

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