June 24, 2024


After Super Bowl 58, the San Francisco 49ers find themselves at a critical point. As the team prepares for the 2024 NFL season, they must address a critical issue despite an outstanding 12-5 season that included a hard-fought Super Bowl trip. At this level, every choice has consequences, and the 49ers’ goal of long-term success depends on defending a particular area.

By most measures, the San Francisco 49ers’ 2023 season was outstanding. They made it to another Super Bowl, established their supremacy in the NFC West, and secured the conference’s top seed. Regretfully, they were defeated at the Big Dance once more. Their defeat by the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas in 2023 has eclipsed the excellence of their body of work. That’s just the terrible truth of it. Nevertheless, the Niners have a ton of promise. After the 49ers’ season ended in a heartbreaking loss to the Chiefs, focus is focused on the things that need to be completed for the 2024

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Recall that the 49ers just failed to meet their goals for the 2023 campaign. This has naturally led to a number of off-season questions and concerns.

But there’s a big obstacle in the way. The salary ceiling places restrictions on the 49ers, whose anticipated balance is only about $500k. However, there is still room for flexibility. The way general manager John Lynch and head coach Kyle Shanahan handle contract talks and other matters will be watched by fans. Notably, talks heated up since the group may secure restructures to release up to $55 million in cap space.

Recall that Purdy encountered pressure on more than half of his dropbacks during the Chiefs’ Super Bowl defeat. The team’s attacking effectiveness was eventually hampered by such kind of unrelenting assault. In the latter quarter and overtime, Purdy missed two crucial third-down conversions. In some cases, more pocket time could have changed how the game turned out. They might have even succeeded in getting San Francisco to win the Super Bowl.

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However, there is no benefit to lingering on the past. The 49ers need to concentrate on strengthening their offensive line going forward. Their pass defense was rated as

There are a number of free agency possibilities available to strengthen the right guard position. Ezra Cleveland, Cody Whitehair, and Nick Allegretti are a few of these.

Of them, Cleveland is the most sought-after potential. That’s in spite of his rumoredly high wage demands, which would make him an unaffordable addition. On the other hand, Allegretti also shows promise. With a 68.7 PFF grade, he declared that his 2023 performance was the best.

Resigning The 49ers have made another calculated move with Jon Feliciano. Feliciano demonstrated his abilities as one of the NFL’s best run blockers in 2023 when he was used with Burford. An annual $5 million short-term contract could help to shore up the offensive line without going over budget.

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