June 24, 2024

BRAKING NEWS: In order to replace the £38 million Aston Villa player, Emery is “browsing the market and….

Aston Villa negotiated a conditional obligation to buy when they agreed to recruit Galatasaray’s Nicolo Zaniolo during the summer transfer season.

This could have increased their total spending to £38 million, including loan payments and add-ons.

Zaniolo has appeared in 26 games for Unai Emery’s team so far, but it appears that his time at Villa Park may not last long. Villa’s decision to leave at the conclusion of the season has already been announced, dashed Galatasaray’s hopes of receiving a “huge” profit.

Zaniolo has been viewed by Emery as a “disappointment” this season, and the Italian is getting ready to quit after both sides determined it was time for them to split ways.

Transfer insider Dean Jones confirmed the earlier rumors that Zaniolo is leaving in an interview with GiveMeSport, but he also said that Villa is already in charge of other players in comparable positions.

At the end of the season, I’m not sure if it would be wise for the team or the player to make this a permanent transfer.

We know that Aston Villa is still looking through the summer transfer window for possible additions, which suggests to me that they aren’t sure they want to sign Zaniolo right now.”

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