June 22, 2024

Unbelievable: Raiders head coach Antonio Pierce and his assistant are waiting for….

For whatever reason, Raiders supporters seem particularly adamant about Davante Adams.

The truth is that he can contribute to the team’s solution and is an excellent player at a premium position. Additionally, given that multiple coaches on the staff, including new offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, worked with Adams during his trade with the Green Bay Packers in March 2021, it appears that the team is fully committed to Adams, who is beginning his third season in Las Vegas.

It looks very likely that Adams will be staying in Las Vegas in 2024 when you combine that with the fact that it will still be financially challenging to transfer Adams due to his contract, which runs until 2025.

However, some fans might find it worthwhile to transfer Adams now in order to increase trade compensation and strengthen their position going forward. Long-running reports have stated that Aaron Rodgers, Adams’ quarterback in Green Bay, would be thrilled to have Adams join the New York Jets. Should the Raiders bite if the Jets held out the No. 10 overall pick for Adams?

If the Raiders combine that selection with their own selection at No. 13, they may be able to select a top quarterback prospect among the top three choices.

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