June 19, 2024

Sad news: West tigers head coach announced his departure and also….

The winger was informed late last year that he would not play first-grade again for the Tigers, and at the end of January, the club canceled his contract.

He then complained to the RLPA about the reported remarks, alleging that the club’s coaching staff had treated him unfairly. The winger then sought legal counsel over his position.

At last, he agreed to take home a $300,000 salary, ending his tenure as the team’s top try-scorer.

When discussing his departure from the Wests Tigers, Nofoaluma stated that he had no ill will toward the team and that he thought they would make it to the playoffs this year.

Even while he acknowledged that there was no ill will between them, he thought his reputation was severely damaged and unnecessarily damaged.

People frequently forget that we are human beings before we become athletes. There’s no reason to resort to the press [to leak unfavorable stories] rather than handling it personally. It’s not a kind thing to do, in my opinion.

It reveals the kind of club you belong to. That’s one less thing I have to worry about, which is excellent.

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