June 22, 2024

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The ups and downs of Blackpool’s season were mostly reflected in the league and cup matches against Peterborough.

excitement for Tuesday’s Bristol Street Motors Trophy match and the opportunity to play at Wembley.

To be fair, Peterborough is a fantastic team. The league game at Bloomfield Road stands in my memory because they were excellent on the counter and very stunning.

George Johnston: Bolton Wanderers defender to miss 2023-24 season with knee  injury - BBC Sport

I had assumed they would be there or thereabouts, but Tuesday night’s win over Blackpool over the weekend gave me hope.

You could assume that a victory would imply a match at Wembley in April because not many clubs have defeated Peterborough at home and Blackpool has been a formidable home team.

It was usually one of those see-saw seasons, with Blackpool losing at home at that point.

I have no doubt that Neil Critchley would have enjoyed both three points and a spot in the Trophy final if it had come down to it.

Though not every player has the opportunity to play at Wembley; some may spend their entire career without having the opportunity, a trip there is always something very memorable.

But, the league is also your main source of income, therefore it’s crucial that we stay in the running with March approaching.

On social media, someone pointed out that after the same number of games, we had lost more games in 2001 when we were promoted than this Blackpool club had.

We had a great run right at the end, but we were always a squad that could beat anyone in the league on a good day. On a poor day, though, we were awful.

It’s a common saying that matters not how you begin a season but how you end it, and our team from 2001 demonstrated this.

The team we have currently is more than capable of matching our ability to put together a strong run.

Although I think they have underperformed, there are still six points separating them from the play-off spots, so we still need them to go on a little run of wins.

Making a run gives you momentum that can carry you through; we know how both of those seasons ended since we sneaked into the play-offs on the final day in 2001 and 2010.

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