June 18, 2024

SO SAD: Louisville C.Williams and D.Jovanovich announced their departure and….

See what Brandon Huntley-Hatfield, the forward, and the head coach of the Cardinals had to say about their defeat by the Fighting Irish.

LOUISVILLE, KY: The men’s basketball team from Louisville lost 72-50 in their third straight blowout game against Notre Dame after struggling defensively once more at home.

Following the defeat, forward Brandon Huntley-Hatfield and head coach Kenny Payne had the following to say:

I want to start by praising Notre Dame for coming in here and playing the style that they did. Their intensity, determination, tenacity, focus, enthusiasm, and attention to detail all outclassed ours and knocked us on our heels. In my opinion, we hadn’t played well toward the end of the eight-point game, with eight minutes remaining. It’s time to break loose, we’re fighting, and [Braeden Shrewsberry] makes two consecutive three-pointers. It continues to 14.

From then on, you could see it in our body language. They went on a 16-2 run because we failed to put up the fight that was required to stop their run. Ultimately, our goal is to help these kids realize how difficult it is to fight. How every player is an excellent player, regardless of who they are competing against. You have to be concentrated, attentive, and aware of every detail while fighting with every fiber in your body if he is carrying a jersey on his back. You will burn if you do not.

For inexperienced players, it’s a challenging lesson to comprehend, given that they’ve all been assured of their superiority. In actuality, you have to earn that. On the basketball court, you deserve the respect you receive both individually and collectively.

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