June 19, 2024

JUST NOW: Kalen DeBoer estimate 30 new signing including….

In his first summer as Alabama Football’s coach, Kalen DeBoer has been forced to assemble his team in an unconventional manner.


Coach Nick Saban’s abrupt departure combined with the unpredictability of the NCAA transfer portal meant that, despite the roster’s apparent potential, DeBoer was left with several shortcomings.

DeBoer has already used the site more than Coach Saban did during his tenure at Alabama in retaliation. The Tide already has eight transfers signed for the 2024 season, and coach Saban never brought in more than five in one offseason.

Of course, three of these commitments were made to the Crimson Tide when Saban was still leading the team. In December, three former players—LT Overton, an offensive lineman from Texas A&M, Naquil Betrand, an offensive lineman from Texas A&M, and Domani Jackson, a cornerback from USC—committed to Alabama. This may indicate that Saban intended to establish a new benchmark anyhow, but DeBoer had no option except to forcefully enter the portal.

Since Coach DeBoer took over, the Crimson Tide has added five transfers, including four of his old Washington teammates: tight end Josh Cuevas, wide receiver Germie Bernard, center Parker Brailsford, and quarterback Austin Mack. Former Michigan safety Keon Sabb, who is a much-needed addition to the Alabama secondary, is the fifth portal commit.

Coach DeBoer has plenty of leeway to add talent to Alabama’s 2024 roster with 30 outbound transfers. It will be fascinating to observe the post-spring transfer portal window since it will be DeBoer’s first real chance to retaliate on the portal. Only transfers from the few other programs that are dealing with head coaching changes have he been able to take into consideration thus far.

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