June 19, 2024


Upon hearing of his resignation from the University of Alabama football radio broadcasts, the famed broadcast veteran discussed the issue with AL.com.

For 35 years, Gold, now 70, served as the Crimson Tide’s spokesperson. After missing all of 2022 due to cancer treatment, he resumed announcing home games and the Iron Bowl last season.

Gold remarked, “Well, the university has decided not to bring me back.” “This is in no way related to health, I repeat, not at all. I have excellent health. Everything is fantastic. I have the health of a horse.

Johnny Mack Brown - Wikipedia

“We take no chances when we state that the game would not improve education in the state in any way.” “The basic question is: Do the people of Alabama need an irrational rabid kind of athletics in their two major institutions, or a tranquil, sane kind?” the article ended. – Alabama’s Committee on Physical Education and Athletics report on the possibility of reviving Auburn’s rivalry. At the time, Alabama school administrators and coach Thomas thought there was nothing the Crimson Tide could learn from facing a team that had never placed higher than third in the SEC.

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