June 18, 2024


KCRG – IOWA CITY, Iowa From 2005 to 2008, Abby Emmert Stamp, the assistant coach at Iowa, was a fierce and tough guard and captain for the Hawkeyes.

She has since returned home and is in her fifteenth year of service to the Iowa women’s basketball program. She began in 1999 as the program’s head of operations and was elevated to assistant coach in 2019.

“It is unquestionably a dream job. Emmert Stamp expressed gratitude for each day. “Working in Iowa is a dream job, and I believe that the kind of people we bring into this program further enhances the job experience

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“Throughout my profession, I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of inspirational, optimistic, and genuinely decent people.

With two gorgeous children,CCCCC and Wyn, and a former KCRG-TV9 Athlete of the Week, Quinn Stamp, Emmert Stamp has a lot on her plate. Lisa Bluder was the best when it came to teaching her how to balance coaching and family.

Emmert Stamp remarked, “Anyone who is working and trying to raise a family is facing challenges.” I’ve found great meaning in Coach Bluder’s encouragement. I simply admire her accomplishments much more now that I recall the times she spent rushing about with her three children.

Stamp has witnessed firsthand the remarkable rise to national prominence of the University of Iowa women’s basketball program.

“For me, the most awesome aspect about it is having

Over the past 15 years, Emmert Stamp has gained a great deal of knowledge from coach Bluder, but one thing has remained constant in spite of all of the success:

“Throughout, (Bluder) has remained the same guy. Emmert Stamp remarked, “She simply genuinely loves about her people—her athletes, her staff, and everyone else in that group—while also demanding achievement and outcomes. “Not many leaders can achieve the same level of balance as she does.”

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