June 18, 2024

After getting dismantled by the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs, the Dallas Cowboys will have to face the reality of Dak Prescott’s contract in the offseason. The thing is, the franchise will have to pay around $60 million a year to keep their quarterback.


If the Cowboys do sign Prescott to a contract worth $60 million per year, that move will take over Joe Burrow’s five-year $275 contract extension with the Cincinnati Bengals as the biggest for a quarterback in the NFL.

That projected amount seems plausible, especially for a quarterback with Prescott’s talents. Just last season, the Cowboys star covered 4,516 yards, got 36 touchdowns, and nine interceptions. Dallas, as a team, had a regular season record of 12-6, with Prescott leading them.


Although the Cowboys fell to Green Bay in the playoffs, Prescott threw more than 400 yards in that game. Setting aside his critical take on how he performed against the Packers, the quarterback’s ownership of the loss made him a better leader for Dallas.


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