July 15, 2024

SAD NEWS: Miami Heat coach submit his resignation letter after multiple

Miami Heat center Bam Adebayo took part in his third NBA All-Star game on Sunday evening, which was filled with excitement from both teams.


The Heat big man tallied three points, two rebounds, and two assists in 17 minutes of action. It’s safe to say Adebayo had an enjoyable time, with an amusing play to highlight the night. He inbounded the ball off the back of Denver Nuggets center Nikola Jokic and proceeded to knock down a contested three-pointer over him Adebayo’s appearance as a starter marks the first for the Heat since Dwyane Wade in 2016. The 26-year-old big man is starting in place of the injured Joel Embiid. He is the single player from the team to participate in this year’s game, with forward Jimmy Butler missing out and guard Tyler Herro failing to meet the games played requirement.

However, Adebayo is not the lone member of the Heat to participate in All-Star Weekend. Rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr. appeared in the Rising Stars Challenge and the AT&T Slam Dunk Contest. He was eliminated from the dunk contest in the preliminary round along with New York Knicks’ Jacob Toppin.


Adebayo remains a cornerstone of the Heat’s defense but is making serious improvements on the offensive end this season. He is averaging 20.2 point s and 10.6 rebounds on 51 percent shooting in 45 games. This is Adebayo’s third NBA All-Star game in his seven-year career.



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