June 19, 2024


For the Phoenix Suns, the acquisitions of David Roddy and Royce O’Neale freed up two roster spots. After the Nets bought him out, they used one to sign Thaddeus Young. The final position on the roster was vacant, and Gerald Bourguet of PHNX Sports outlined the reasons Otto Porter Jr. ought to be among their goals.

In a piece published on February 17, Bourguet stated, “At 6-foot-8, Porter would lend more size and positional versatility to the Suns’ wing depth.” He was a reliable handoff threat and an efficient post-up hub for Golden State, and his 3-point shooting would make him a valuable auxiliary player. During his tenure with the Warriors, Porter appeared at ease directing the ball where it needed to go, was effective around the hoop (even through contact), and could also assist on the boards.

The Suns would benefit from Porter’s skill set, Bourguet continued.

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His stature, activity level, and communication abilities would all help Phoenix defensively in some of their weaker areas. A club that wants to win a championship can never have too many capable wings who can play several spots, and Porter’s versatility to play at the 3, 4, or even 5 might be helpful if Vogel needs to look farther down his bench due to foul issues, injuries, matchups, or cold streaks during the playoffs.

In 2022, Otto Porter Jr. contributed to the Warriors’ championship victory. During the last two Raptors seasons, injuries have hampered him.

There’s No Proof Jazz Will Let Go of Otto Porter Jr.
The Suns could benefit from having Otto Porter Jr. There haven’t been any stories, though, suggesting that the Utah Jazz intend to waive or buy him out. Porter is healthy, but he hasn’t participated in a game for the Jazz. That leaves it somewhat unclear as to whether the Jazz want to play him, but additional information will undoubtedly surface when their season resumes.

He was acquired by the Jazz from the Raptors in return for a first-round selection, Kelly Olynyk, and Ochai Agbaji. Utah’s record went into the All-Star Break at 26–30. They are now outside of the play-in round at No. 11 in the Western Conference rankings as a result. They trail the Warriors by two and a half games and lead the Rockets by one.

The deadline for waiving postseason eligibility is March 1, according to NBA.com. Until then, the Jazz must make a decision regarding Otto Porter Jr.

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