June 17, 2024

Sad news: Eagles fly star player have terminated his….

Super Bowl LVIII had a bevy of star-studded commercials, but just a handful actually made people laugh out loud.

They won this year’s brand bowl because they used the perfect amount of quirky comedy, cleverly positioned visual effects, or managed to get celebrities to say hilarious things.

The top-scoring Super Bowl commercials from 2024 are listed below, in no particular order, along with a couple more that deserve an A for effort.

Couch potatoes are grown on Pluto TV’s farm.

Each of these couch potatoes, dressed like enormous potatoes and anchored to their couches and the ground underneath them, owns a television.

For Pluto, watching TV and movies should be simple, accessible, and cost-free. A country of couch potatoes salutes itself.

In the NFL Sunday Ticket advertisement on YouTube TV, the Philadelphia Eagles, along with the Seattle Seahawks and Baltimore Ravens, truly take flight.

In the commercial, players adopt an avian stance, flap their wings, and make squawking sounds.

A birdwatcher states, “Every year they have to follow the migration path, signaling the end of the season.”

Sean Evans, the host of “Hot Ones,” makes a fleeting appearance while consuming some chicken wings.

It’s electric, the real deal, 100 percent. Speaking of his BMW i5 electric sedan, Christopher Walken comments.

The actor is then forced to put up with impressions of him from everyone, including drive-thrus for coffee and restaurant servers, all day long. This is when a parking attendant decided to give the actor his best Walken impersonation.

“Business in the front, party in the back” is the slogan for this advertisement for the Kawasaki Ridge.

As a result, mullets start to occur on humans as well as dogs, bears, turtles, and eagles.

Mullets are witty.

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