June 22, 2024

For N.C. LB, receiving an offer from Tennessee on his visit was “pretty exciting.”

One of Tennessee’s SEC rivals is a team that Dallas Brannon grew up liking. However, it didn’t lessen his excitement when the Vols were added to the list of teams interested in signing him during his first visit to Knoxville earlier this month.

Tennessee State football coach Eddie George names his staff

The linebacker from Charlotte, North Carolina’s Independence High School, class of 2026, made his first trip to Tennessee on February 3 to attend the Vols’ first junior day of the season. He left with an offer of scholarship from the university. For Brannon, the son of former Georgia tight end Robert Brannon, it was his second SEC offer.

The younger Brannon expressed his happiness at receiving an offer from the Vols and stated he already had plans to return to Tennessee in the upcoming months.

A day after Wake Forest lost to Virginia 49-47 in the first quarter, another sad opportunity, the sun has risen.

Here, a number of statements are simultaneously true:

– Wake Forest has blatantly wasted three chances to win a Quad One, which would greatly increase Wake’s chances of winning in March.

Wake Forest has three opportunities to improve their record over the next six games and play 67% of their games in the Joel, where they are unbeaten, yet they are still well below the cut line owing to their excellent underlying numbers.

Not everything is sunshine and roses, and not everything is melting down. Although this squad now has problems, we’ve also seen them overcome them when playing against strong opponents like

We’re in put up or shut up mode because of everything that’s in front of Wake. They must demonstrate their eligibility to play in a tournament. If they had defeated Virginia yesterday, NC State away, or even one of Duke and Carolina, that would not have changed. Though it would have made things simpler, if you didn’t play well over the next six games, you weren’t going to be a team that made it into the dance.

There are always trends that become apparent as arithmetic advances. It may stretch into two games, two months, or the full year. Some have been uplifting, while others have been dull. I examined five items that have captured my attention and the question(s) that each

For this team, Parker Friedrichsen has been a revelation. When first-year freshmen perform, there should always be some reluctance. If first-year students were expected to contribute on a constant basis, they wouldn’t be flocking to the portal. Only 7% of the top 200 players in the nation are freshman, which is the lowest percentage we’ve ever seen, according to Evan Miya. Spot minutes are what they are, but it’s difficult to defend providing minutes to someone who probably needs a year in the physical and mental weight room unless they are really showing out.

Friedrichsen has been making more and more of an effort to prove that he is worthy of playing basketball. Although he’s been at or around the 20-minute mark the entire year, it’s apparent how close to crunchHis minutes have increased for a variety of reasons. Regarding Friedrichsen’s individual performance, he has shot about 37% from three point range during the previous five games. But the defense has managed to keep him active. It may not be a lockdown DPOY performance, but he’s been a bothersome little mosquito, and you’re not hanging your breath every time he plays defense. Additionally, Kevin “Boopie” Miller’s last two games have been forfeited in favor of his minutes. I’ll keep reminding you of someone who is young in his own right and is in his second year of college. He has probably been most affected by his road ills, as his shooting suffers and he commits more fouls and turnovers.

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