June 25, 2024

SO SAD: Alabama head coach is suspended for…

Indianapolis, Indiana Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk surrounding a French guard in the 2024 class by the name of Nolan Traore.

High major programs and other career paths, including as the NBL and remaining in Europe, are vying for his attention. It was simple to see the intrigue after studying his tape, but when I saw him in person at Basketball Without Borders, he proved to be one of the class’s top guards.

Traore is a remarkable 6-foot-5, 185-pound player with a smooth, functional athleticism and skill set that make him a dynamic combo guard.

Traore said, “I think I am good to make the game fast,” describing his strategy. “I am just amazing at creating for myself and other people because I have that burst in me. That’s all; I’m a maker. I am kind of a combo guard since I can play the one and the two.”

Traore was one of the best players at Camp, along with a man named Khaman Maluach.

Due to his skill and prowess on the court, Xavier, Alabama, and Gonzaga are the three highly regarded universities that have shown interest in recruiting him.

He told 247Sports about his experiences on each institution.

Alabama: “It was excellent. Every visit I’ve made has gone really well. I went to the facilities, whatever it was. They’re all excellent mentors.”

Gonzaga: “It was excellent. I made wonderful friends. It was enjoyable to me. I visited the city, saw the facilities, and got to know everyone, including the personnel.”

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