June 15, 2024

Philadelphia Traffic Stop Ends in Gunfire; Driver Fatally Wounded, Officer Injured

PHILADELPHIA: Authorities claim that as the driver backed into the officer’s cruiser and pressed him against a wall, the officer opened fire at the car, resulting in a gunshot exchange during a traffic check in a Philadelphia area.

The driver took off quickly, but was later discovered injured inside the car and passed away shortly after.

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About seven o’clock on Thursday evening, the lone patrolling officer attempted to pull over the vehicle. According to three witnesses, the car backed into the police cruiser, and when the officer got closer, it shifted and trapped him up against a wall, according to municipal Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel.

After the officer fired multiple shots into the automobile, the driver fled while the passenger exited and was taken into custody by the three witnesses, according to the police. The driver was inside the car when it was eventually discovered in an alley not far from the scene of the traffic stop. According to authorities, the driver had gunshot wounds to his head and torso. After being brought to a hospital, he was declared dead shortly after, according to the police.

Both the driver’s and the officer’s names are still under wraps. After sustaining injuries to both legs on Friday, the approximately eight-year-old officer remained hospitalized. There were no other injuries recorded.

Investigations into the shooting are still ongoing.

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