June 25, 2024

89th AGM Concluded: New Chair Announced and New Life Members Inducted

At the Club’s 89th Annual General Meeting, the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs Football Club put an end to disturbances by affirming that the Board is still solid and cohesive.

At the meeting earlier today, Chairman John Khoury and outgoing Chair Adam Driussi told the Football Club members that the Board would not be discouraged from pursuing their strategic vision; rather, they would continue to be as dedicated, cohesive, and supportive of the Club’s success as ever.

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While David Gillespie (Bulldog #485) and Josh Reynolds (Bulldog #737) received Life Memberships, Khoury and Driussi were joined by Chief Executive Aaron Warburton, Chief Operating Officer John White, and General Manager of Football Phil Gould AM to share important business information.

While fellow board member Adam Driussi was declared the chair-elect, John Khoury addressed recent rumors and said that he would be taking on the job of deputy chair with immediate effect.

John Khoury expressed his immense pride in his accomplishments in every aspect of the Club during his four years there.

“We have appointed Aaron Warburton as our new CEO throughout the past four years. hired new office managers and devoted endless hours to reconstructing our Club, especially in sponsorship, community service, and grassroots efforts.

“We have introduced a registration subsidy scheme alongside Canterbury League Club to help more families access and enjoy the great game of Rugby League in our area.”

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