June 15, 2024

BRAKING NEWS: Philadelphia trade was great and

Take careful note of this. Now things are going to happen quickly. The NFL Scouting Combine of 2024 draws near.


The NFL Draft and free agency will come later, but the Philadelphia Eagles are already hard at work building their roster for the upcoming campaign.

Decisions have to be taken, as you are well aware, and many of them include a few of the esteemed veterans. Fletcher Cox is considering taking a break.

Jason Kelce has spent multiple offseasons doing the same thing. such as this one. But something feels different this time. He may even refer to it as a career. Do not be alarmed. After his playing days are over, he will have options.

Cox and Kelce sit in a rarefied atmosphere. They have the option to return, but most of the other players on Philly’s roster do not have the same privilege.

There must be depth. And talent is too. In order to give themselves some leeway to acquire important free agents and extend the players they think will be a part of this team’s future, Howie Roseman and the Birds will need to commit resources.

First things come first. It’s time to decide on a few transactions that could potentially hinder this club. These three immediately sprang to mind.

Kevin Byard has already been mentioned. That will cost you $14,248,326 million in cap hits, but if Philly has the guts to move on, they can save a ton of money. Just $711,000 in dead cap space is represented by him.

Imagine what Howie Roseman could accomplish with an additional $14 million. Heck, he can sign fourteen tailbacks, but in all honesty, this team doesn’t get much production from an old Byard who is past his prime.

As the offseason progresses, keep a watch on a couple more veterans.

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