June 22, 2024

Recent choices made by the Eagles that, although seemingly awful at the moment, will pay off

It is said that one can see 20/20 vision in hindsight. They would have been correct. Use the term “backseat driving” to describe operating a vehicle in the passenger seat. If you spend enough time watching the Philadelphia Eagles, you’ll eventually become an authority on everything the club does—at least in our minds, after the fact.

Though it began satisfactorily, the last Birds season was frustrating at times. No matter how much adversity was experienced, it’s difficult to overcome a 10-1 start. But the collapse is all everybody wants to talk about. To be honest, it makes sense that the campaign’s greatest narrative was that, too.

This team’s offseason cannot be marred by the events of last season. It’s about improving now, and we need your help with this. The Avian

Changes are in the works. A few make sense. Some people don’t. Some won’t, but regardless of whether you’re chewing your fingernails or waving your pom poms, we can guarantee you that nothing will change if you let your stress levels build. Regarding some of the offseason plots that have you concerned, here are some encouraging words.

James Bradberry’s extension does not seem good at all now, do you think?
Alright, this is not good. Regression and falling off the proverbial cliff are two different things. Sadly, James Bradberry chose to do the latter.

It might not seem possible, yet this is fixable. A new DC has emerged. What he can create will play to James’s advantages. If Philly is interested in continuing and splitting the upcoming dead cap hit, there is the post-June 1st idea. Another possibility is a reorganization.

Insert a pin into there. Later, we’ll go over this again. Here are a couple more bright spots in the interim.

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