June 15, 2024

Joe Mixon Makes It Clearly Known What His Future With The Bengals Is

Before the 2023 season, the Cincinnati Bengals made a significant investment in their offensive by signing Joe Burrow to a five-year deal extension that may be worth up to $275 million.

Many fans and pundits worry that the Bengals are paying him so much money for a deal of this magnitude, which doesn’t allow them much room to acquire other players.

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Given the number of contracts the Bengals have to evaluate in the summer and their desire to save money, many have speculated that Cincinnati Bengalswill be a contract casualty.

In response to a tweet from the “NFL Rumors” page, Mixon said that this was a rumor from the previous season and seemed to be indicating that he won’t be leaving.

The running market has suffered greatly over the last several years, which is good news for the Bengals.

Running backs used to be extremely valuable in terms of contracts, but due to the position’s erratic injury history, both the cash value of contracts and the team’s commitment to a player have decreased.

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