June 15, 2024

Officer shoots and kills driver who struck him with car, police say

According to investigators, a vehicle struck him with their automobile on Thursday night and the Philadelphia police officer fired and killed the driver.

According to Philadelphia Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel, the incident started just after 7 p.m. near the intersection of Adams and Newtown avenues when a police officer from the 25th District was trying to stop a car.

According to Bethel, three bystanders saw the attempted traffic stop and tried to assist the officer by blocking the driver’s car.

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The driver’s vehicle then backed into the officer’s car, according to what the three civilian witnesses told the police. According to the witnesses, the officer then exited his cruiser and approached the driver’s automobile. The witnesses claimed that the driver then slammed the officer with their car, pinning him up against a brick wall.

The motorist was shot many times by the cop when he pulled out a revolver, according to the investigators. The driver’s automobile subsequently let out a passenger, who was taken into custody by the three citizens, according to Bethel. In the meantime, the motorist pulled out of the junction and continued traveling for around 2.5 blocks before coming to a halt. The driver, who was not recognized, was discovered inside the vehicle with multiple gunshot wounds to his body and head. After being brought to the hospital, the driver was declared dead.

According to Bethel, the eight-year veteran police was also brought to the hospital, where he is receiving treatment for injuries to his legs. According to Bethel, there was security footage of the incident and the officer’s body camera was turned on during the shooting.

The purpose of the initial traffic stop has not yet been disclosed by the police, who are still conducting their investigation. Additionally, Bethel stated that the passenger who was taken into custody by the three civilians while the investigation was ongoing has not been charged.

The three bystanders who assisted the cop were also commended by Bethel.

“We value the fact that we have three impartial witnesses who could jointly decide, especially in the case of an officer who acted bravely while acting alone,” Bethel remarked. We have discussed this topic at a higher level, thus it is really appreciated that three people spoke up and offered their support to the officer who was about to face grave risk.

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