June 22, 2024

Happy Black History Month from a Black Reporter in St. Louis

Metro News in St. Louis
From a Black Reporter in St. Louis, happy Black History Month!
Let’s honor Black voices, culture, and people this month.
At 6:00 am on Thursday, February 15, 2024, Taylor Tiamoyo Harris

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Recently fired from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Taylor Tiamoyo Harris is hoping for greater work from the city’s media outlets. – PHOTO COURTESY
Recently fired from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Taylor Tiamoyo Harris is hoping for greater work from the city’s media outlets.
It is appropriate to criticize St. Louis media sources for their portrayal of Black people and their continued employment of

Yes, I have to humbly acknowledge that February’s themed discounts, which capitalize on Black perseverance and struggle, are what drive my spending habit. Yes, please repost, like, share, snap, or applaud any content that highlights the achievements made by Black people to American society. I will carry on. Every time, it’s well-earned and long overdue. However, I believe we can improve. After all, St. Louis media outlets appear to find it fairly profitable to cover Black lives and culture.

St. Louis Ambush | St. Charles MO

Of course, we are able to honor and appreciate the backs of those who help us.

This is direct and unvarnished. It might even come across as gauche, I worry. Pardon the stuttering. I’m not good at writing in the first person, but given the subject matter, it’s worth sacrificing some tact. Anyhow, I’m running out of time for Black History Month.

Permit me to proceed. What I find most admirable about Linda Lockhart is her determination. Both Linda and I are Black women who were once St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporters. Throughout her noteworthy forty-plus-year career, Linda has performed exceptionally well in a variety of St. Louis and Midwest newsrooms as a reporter, editor, news executive, and in every other role in between.What better way to honor a Living Legend than to close out Black History Month? Sitting in the crowd on February 1, I witnessed Linda’s rightful induction into the St. Louis Media History Foundation’s Hall of Fame.

Days after I relocated to St. Louis in 2019 at the age of 25 to start working at the Post-Dispatch, Linda happened to see me making my way back from a Black journalists’ meeting. She gave me an informal tour of the city before telling me she was taking me home. I gladly carried out the request.

I was labeled a skeptic, a nuisance, and the devil’s advocate, so I needed her comfort and assurance to help me adjust to a new city. Essential titles that I regarded as a badge of pride as a justice seeker.

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