June 19, 2024

SO SAD: Raiders head coach announced his departure and…

There is still a long way to go before games begin, but it is very unlikely that the Las Vegas Raiders will contemplate selling Davante Adams this summer.

Aidan O’Connell is the team’s primary quarterback as of right now, although things could change in the draft or during free agency.

Adams may find it fairly enticing to reunite with Aaron Rodgers if he is unhappy with the direction the Raiders are heading. In his essay “NFL trades that could shake up the 2024 offseason,” Brad Spielberger of Pro Football Focus mentioned a scenario in which Adams is traded to the New York Jets in exchange for a 2025 second-round choice.

In a piece published on February 13, Spielberger stated, “We view this move as less likely than we would have thought around the halfway point of the season when Adams was making his frustrations very clear after the coaching decisions made by Las Vegas this offseason.” “The standout wide receiver made a strong commitment to interim head coach Antonio Pierce keeping the position through 2024, and Pierce’s appointment as offensive coordinator should provide even more assurance that Adams will return to the Silver and Black.” From 2019 to 2021, Luke Getsy collaborated with Adams in Green Bay, and the two enjoyed great success both alone and together.

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