June 18, 2024

David Ornstein shares Jacob Ramsey update after breaking the news on Newcastle’s interest

According to David Ornstein, Newcastle won’t sign Ramsey, Jacob
In the most recent edition of Athletic’s Daily Transfer Briefing podcast, Ornstein talked about Newcastle’s current playing situation and their interest in Ramsey.
Sources: Liverpool, Chelsea wounded with Newcastle to strike major  midfielder agreement

“As the transfer window has progressed, it has become evident to Newcastle that they will have to sell a player for a substantial amount of money in order to make room for another player,” he stated.

Not just indefinitely, but perhaps even with a loan as well, given how strict their sustainability and profitability requirements are.

“Aston Villa has players they like, like Jacob Ramsey. They may have to think about his leaving to improve their own profitability and sustainability situation, but I believe he will stay for the time being. It’s becoming too late, and he plays a significant role for Villa.

“It demonstrates Newcastle’s search, but they were unable to take any action without a significant departure.”

It’s a potentially summer revisit for Newcastle, as Ornstein anticipates Ramsey staying at Aston Villa, which is unfortunate for Newcastle.

At the same time, the Magpies are having difficulty finding a buyer, which is necessary before Eddie Howe can make a signing.

Although Miguel Almiron’s plan to Saudi Arabia appeared to be off, it had appeared that he may travel. He will thus play against Aston Villa tonight as a result of that.

However, it also means that Newcastle’s transfer activity over the next few days will be minimal. It is really upsetting that they won’t be able to sign anyone.

When you take into account some of the players Newcastle has been associated with, it is even more disheartening. Given Jacob Ramsey’s significant talent, a move for him would have been incredibly thrilling.

You would think that come summertime, when they can at last afford to spend some cash again, he will be back on the Magpies’ radar. And since they will have more time to find a replacement by then, Aston Villa might be more inclined to sell.

However, Newcastle does not seem to be able to entice Ramsey to Tyneside at this point, so it does not help. And even if he was interested, there just isn’t the money to buy him.

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