June 19, 2024

Cam Thomas believes that the referees are not calling enough fouls on him.

With 26 points, Cameron Thomas had an incredible game against the Boston Celtics. In the fourth quarter, he nearly led the Nets to an incredible comeback, but Boston proved to be too strong.

Even though he scored with aggression, Cam was limited to just two free throw attempts. Cam was surprised since he felt contact on a few pull-up jump shots and several drives to the paint.

For some reason, I’ve noticed a change in how people are officiating against me; I’m not sure why. After the Celtics defeat, Cam remarked, “I’ll just keep trying to attack, keep drawing fouls, play my game, keep the pressure on the defense, and try to get to the line as best I can.” It’s difficult. A pair for a pair. Even though I go for the basket and make contact, it’s absurd to have two free throws.

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Cam can do more than just jump shots.
Because Cam is a bucket-getter, NBA fans outside of the Brooklyn fan base may have preconceptions about his style of play. The former LSU Tiger frequently drives into the paint and doesn’t only rely on jump shots. Against Boston in this game, he had

Shots from the charity stripe are the best opportunity for Cam to score, but Thomas did not receive the free throws he deserved. Nets fans have noticed the free throw woes because Cam is getting mauled in the paint without getting trips to the line.

Cam is irritated that nothing is being called when he is mauled while driving. He was irritated following Boston’s defeat, but not at the circumstances.

Cam is going to improve as a free throw shooter.
Over his career, Thomas has attempted 2.9 free throws on average per game. For a player with his caliber of scoring, that is not a high enough metric. Tyrese Maxey, the Philly All-Star, is earning 5.6 trips to the charity stripe, which is more than Cam.

Cam’s playing will take on a whole new level once he acquires a better whistle. Without it, he’s already an excellent scorer and will become one of the league’s greatest. Since Cam can contribute with free throws, the free throw shooting will also become a vital weapon, particularly if he is having a sluggish shooting night.

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