June 18, 2024

BRAKING NEWS: Formal top QB of warriors is back and…

Furthermore, LeBron erred when he stated he had no interest in leaving Los Angeles.

This year, neither the Lakers nor the Warriors will take home a championship. Both teams have excessively large contracts and underlying flaws. They would be in tire fire scenarios if it weren’t for Steph Curry and LeBron James, respectively, leading the way.

That’s the reason it would have made perfect sense for the Warriors to trade for LeBron. When their stars retire, both teams will be left with little more than a barren wasteland. (Apologies, but neither location appears to have any heirs.) Why should they both now be content to live mediocre lives?

The Lakers take the future, while the Warriors take the present. I think this is a fair offer.

The Dubs and LeBron would have been a fantastic match.

might have seen that since the Warriors stopped using a genuine point guard, they are playing much better. Point-forwards are required by their system, and LeBron and Green are two of the best players ever.

LeBron would have loved playing for the Warriors, especially considering how miserable he appears to be playing for the Lakers. It must be exhilarating to play with someone like Curry when you’re used to D’Angelo Russell.

The only reasonable move the Warriors could have made before the deadline to re-enter the race for the championship would have been to add LeBron to the mix.

Additionally, the Lakers would have added a lot of young players and draft picks. Although he may not become a household name, Jonathan Kuminga has shown himself to be a reliable foundational player. In the long term, they would be OK. They might even thrive in a post-LeBron world where there is most likely a lot less drama.

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