June 18, 2024

Announcement: LeBron James announced his departure due to…

Spencer Dinwiddie was purchased by the Los Angeles Lakers through the buyout market.


The guard was part of the trade that brought Dennis Schroder to the Brooklyn Nets, but the Toronto Raptors waived him.

The Lakers will have the extra ball handler they require in Dinwiddie. Additionally, he offers LeBron James the additional veteran he had hoped for.

James talked about what Dinwiddie would add to the team during the Lakers’ postgame news conference on Monday after the team defeated the New Orleans Pelicans.J

ames remarked, “Playmaking, another ball handler, another shot-maker.” “One more veteran. It helps anytime you can include a skilled veteran like that.”

Dinwiddie is going to give D’Angelo Russell and Austin Reaves some competition. He gives a Lakers squad that has had trouble dismantling opponents in the halfcourt size and playmaking. On the other hand, his 39.1% shooting percentage this season should raise some concerns.

Dinwiddie was signed through the conclusion of the season, though. The Lakers front office has not shown any commitment in the long run. He didn’t have to pay for them to purchase any assets if it doesn’t work out. In the summer, fixing it will be simple.

However, Rob Pelinka will receive praise for his self-control if he manages to carve out a role and start making an impression.

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