June 24, 2024

SAD NEWS: LeBron James target impossible…….

Recent former NBA point guard Austin Rivers made some waves when he said that Bronny James, son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James, shouldn’t want to play alongside his father. There has been long talk that the elder James has been plotting to become teammates with his son, who is eligible to enter the NBA next season.


Rivers compared the experience that Bronny may face to that of his own, playing for his father Doc Rivers. Rivers coached the Los Angeles Clippers while his son was a member of the team. The younger Rivers said that other players felt he was only on the team because of his dad, despite his talent on the court.

He warned Bronny not to make the same mistake as him.


The comments from Rivers caused all sorts of reactions, including from former NBA forward Stephen Jackson. Jackson was never one to hold back his opinions during his playing days and has continued through his post-career as well. Plus, Bronny has been in the limelight his entire life. He is used to being at the center of everything, so he has learned how to handle it.


It remains to be seen if the two will end up teaming up, but it remains a possibility. James is eligible to opt out of his contract with the Lakers this summer, further providing speculation that their becoming future teammates could end up happening.

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