June 15, 2024

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This past Saturday, February 3, was the Reese’s Senior Bowl. It signifies a major shift in focus for many front offices from the regular season to the pre-NFL draft process. Players have had a great opportunity to demonstrate their abilities in a good-on-good showdown against the top players available for this cycle’s draft in the Senior Bowl.

The Green Bay Packers have historically monitored the Senior Bowl closely and have selected strong players from the showcase, according to Brian Gutekunst. The Packers drafted Christian Watson, who won Senior Bowl “Player of the Week,” and Jayden Reed in the last two selections. Five players that participated in the Senior Bowl were included in Green Bay’s 2022 draft class.

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Another Senior Bowl standout, Christian Haynes, a guard from the University of Connecticut, may be on the Packers’ radar this season. The Packers need the interior offensive line, to start. Guard Jon Runyan Jr. is expected to be allowed to go free this year, while Josh Myers and Royce Newman, two interior offensive lineman, will be eligible for free agency in 2019. Furthermore, Runyan, Newman, and Myers haven’t performed well enough on the field to stop up-and-coming opponents.

The Packers are probably also pleased with Haynes’ performance from the Senior Bowl. He was named “Player of the Week” by the linebackers and defensive linemen he faced over the week, to start with. Additionally, Haynes presented a lot of advantages in the movie versus

You’ll notice Haynes’ hands the moment you start watching him. Once he gets his hands on the inside of a defender’s pads, he doesn’t let go. Additionally, he maintains his balance and faces the quarterback in a rather well-positioned manner. That could suggest he would excel at pass protection, which is a quality the Packers greatly need. The week’s most widely shared video of Haynes occurred when he went one-on-one with Jordan Jefferson of LSU, and Jefferson pulled off Haynes’ helmet and flung it back at him.

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