June 22, 2024

Not only is Frank a fantastic player, but he is also a wise man. Here are some quotes from him that made headlines at a news conference.

. The Sacramento Kings played host to the Detroit Pistons, and thanks to the Niners’ thrilling comeback to punch their ticket to Super Bowl LVIII, the team had some pretty good ammunition to troll their opponents however they saw fit.


Specifically, Sacramento’s video folks had the opportunity to remind the Detroit faithful of one specific moment that changed the game: Brandon Aiyuk’s gigantic reception in the third quarter on what should have been an interception by the Travis Kelce is the most famous tight end in NFL history, surpassing Rob Gronkowski for that honor this year as his popularity has exploded well beyond NFL fans now that he is dating the biggest pop star in the world, Taylor Swift.


With that stature comes a level of attention few athletes receive and Kelce has done a pretty incredible job dealing with all of the trappings that come with his newfound fame. Whether it be tabloid fodder about his relationship, old tweets resurfacing, or the New York Times writing an entire piece about the exploding popularity of the “Travis Kelce Haircut” (which, to be clear, is just a taper fade), Kelce handles it all with a smile and a laugh, finding it all a bit funny that people care this much about him.


The latest example of that came on Monday night at Super Bowl Media Day where he was the star attraction and gladly handled questions about Swift’s new album — he’s heard some and is smart enough not to divulge any details other than “it’s great” — and, yes, the NYT haircut story. Kelce laughed about it, calling it “absolutely ridiculous,” while noting that they “threw me to the wolves” by dropping a story about him popularizing the fade on February 1, the start of Black History Month.

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