June 15, 2024

Fans of the New York Giants are upset that their franchise player has moved on.

One of the franchise players for the New York Giants was reportedly let go this summer, and they have since chosen not to sign him to a contract. Since the October trade deadline, there have been various trade rumors involving this player, but in the end, he decided to stay with the squad for the remainder of the 2023 campaign. It has now been announced that New York will not sign this elite player to a new contract, which makes him a very desirable free agent.


Star Player Moves On For The New York Giants

Running back Saquon Barkley will not receive a franchise tag from the Giants, according to an ESPN report, therefore the team is moving on. The Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Chargers are among the numerous teams in the NFL who have indicated interest in signing the elite running back. Since Jim Harbaugh was hired as head coach, the Chargers have emerged as the early favorites to sign Barkley.

Giants players heading into the final year of their contract in 2023 -  Yahoo Sports

Barkley has expressed his desire to be a “Giant for life,” but he also acknowledges that the NFL can be a difficult industry, which has allowed him to consider his other possibilities. The Giants have only placed a franchise tag on the outstanding running back for the 2023 season, despite the fact that he and the organization have been in repeated contract talks since the previous summer. The superstar may sign a big contract with a team ready to spend a lot of money on the position because he has been a strong supporter of the league’s running backs receiving higher pay.
Reaction of New York Giants Fans

Many Giants supporters expressed their dissatisfaction on social media in response to the news, expressing how upset they are that the team was unable to reach an agreement with Barkley to remain in New York. The following are a few responses from the Giants’ supporters:

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