June 18, 2024

Detroit Lions sign OL Netane Muti

According to the Detroit Lions, they have signed OL Netane Muti to a Reserve/Future contract. Muti, who is 24, was originally selected by the Denver Broncos in the 6th Round of the 2020 NFL Draft. During his four seasons in the league, Muti has played in 22 games (4 starts). His most action came in 2021 when he played in 15 games (3 starts) for the Broncos.


An NFL futures contract, as its name suggests, is an agreement that binds an NFL player to a team for upcoming seasons. The term “futures contract” is used because the contract officially takes effect at the beginning of the next league year.


This distinction is critical because it means the player’s contract does not impact the team’s salary cap or count towards the current season’s roster limit. Instead, the financial aspects of the contract are applied to the salary cap of the subsequent year, and the player is included in the off-season 90-man roster limit.

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Once a player enters into a futures contract, they are added to the reserve/futures list, effectively preventing them from engaging in negotiations with other teams. This differs from practice squad arrangements, where players can be signed by other teams. Under a futures contract, the player’s rights are exclusively held by the contracting team, barring them from team negotiations elsewhere.

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